when dreams materialize! It has been a long time goal of mine to have music on vinyl which is high honor. Owning masters, distributing quality music are one thing but to have your voice, words, music etc etched in time via vinyl is held in high regard. Much love and respect to @culturepower45 for being a conduit for us to release these projects!! GO GET YOUR COPY NOW before you miss out on a really great project "Fruition". ▪️I am grateful to have been part and shared musical space with every artist featured. The only woman involved and part of this team of great brothers that actually makes really DOPE music! We are giving birth to quality sounds! Don't be a lame and miss out! ▪️Many thanks to @heyrain for providing the photogenesis!!! ❤️

#Fruition #culturepower45 #culturepower45vinyl #vinyl #music #defiantoraclerecordings #oraclesound #flyshitonly #goodmusic #hiphop #international #vibrations #sounds #ascap #bmi #materializingdreams Next up: A solo project on vinyl soon come!!!!!!

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